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librsvg rendering buggy wrt color and fill attributes
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Author: ralf

librsvg 2.11 or what you're using (the library that converts SVG on the fly to
bitmaps) is quite buggy. You can see that with

Compare with the SVG in your browser. That bug is well known and fixed in
librsvg 2.14. I tried to work around it but even my best version doesn't get
correctly converted.

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Severity: normal



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Wiki.Melancholie wrote:

Confirmed problem! There are many missing lines (600px image)!

@Ralf: Have a look on bug 4976 (actually some kind of duplicate)

ralf wrote:

I think 4976 is related only in that librsvg is the cause.
BTW, I can work around the missing lines in 3 and 4 (see later versions) but I
cannot do this with the unfilled triangles in 1 and 2.

As the subject has changed, I'll reopen the bug.

Looks fine now with librsvg 2.22.