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AbuseFilter is overridden when creating a blank page
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In Thai Wikipedia, we have a filter[1] preventing creating pages which are too short. It works fine in all cases except blank page case. Examining the page creation which the filter fails to prevent, I found that the filter does detect it[2]. It fails to prevent the creation nonetheless.

I don't know if this is a problem of MediaWiki overriding AbuseFilter, or a problem of AbuseFilter itself. Please change this bug report to the correct section when the problem is identified.

[1] -
[2] - ; I got green check mark when testing

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Probably an AF issue caused by the fix for bug 57238.

gerritadmin wrote:

Change 159556 had a related patch set uploaded by Jackmcbarn:
Only skip apparent null-edits when the page exists

gerritadmin wrote:

Change 159556 merged by jenkins-bot:
Only skip apparent null-edits when the page exists