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Add IME for Khowar (khw)
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A user on the Wikimedia Incubator has requested that an input method be added for the Khowar language (ISO code khw).

The user provided a link to a Khowar keyboard that they developed:

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement



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Rachitrali, can you please write down the input method in this format, essentially just a list of characters and what they are converted to?

If you want to make this proceed faster, you can also submit it directly as patch against but a comment or attachment here is enough.

As Kartik has already commented (in the conversation on Incubator), the license/terms of use for this keyboard is unclear - I am closing this bug for now, because with its current terms of use this can't be integrated into ULS. Please feel free to file a new bug if there is a change. Thanks.