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Autoedit no longer refreshes pages with MW 1.23.3
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Author: mitchell_neill


I have SF 3.0 rev 06dfc3f, SMW 1.9.2 and MW 1.23.3.

Since upgrading to MW 1.23.3 autoedit no longer refreshes the page after save.

I have:
{{#autoedit:form=Service Provider|target={{PAGENAME}}|link text=Unlock your entry|link type=button|query string=Service_Provider[Locked]=false|reload}}

It performs the save, but the page does not reload.

On an exact copy of the site running MW 1.21.2 the page does refresh after save.

Version: master
Severity: normal



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Hello. Did you check this on M.W. 1.31.0

I also notice this with MW1.30.0 and PageForms 4.x.


Can you please elaborate by helping me reproduce this issue. Reply ASAP.

@Himanshuc3: How to elaborate? See third item here. "ASAP" does not work: People reply when they have time...

Hi Yaron, can i take up this?
I'm for gsoc

@Yaron_Koren I'm still denied permission to clone the Mediawiki repo even after creating a developer account, can you help me look into this?

@Nocodes: Hi, that does not sound directly related to the topic of this task ("Autoedit no longer refreshes pages")? Please see,_questions_and_support (plus provide exact commands and exact output). Thanks a lot!

Yaron_Koren claimed this task.

Apparently this is no longer an issue.