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Bad MIME type for MIDI files
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The server delivers files with the ".mid" extension as
"application/octet-stream" instead of "audio/midi". This reportedly sometimes
throws off MS-IE, which (mis-)guesses the file format, and tries to display it
as an image. In any case a valid mime type would be a good idea.

Also, for some reason, MIDI files have the MIME type "audio/mid" in the
database, instead of "audio/midi". This can probably be fixed by tweaking
includes/ file (the first entry in each line is the "primary" mime type
used in the DB). The values would need to be changed in the DB, too. And while
you are at it, fix the mime type for SVG too :)

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I've added .mid/.midi to the lighttpd configuration file on the
upload server so they are served with the correct type.

Switched the bit in, uploads are now correct. Will
run fixes on affected files in db.