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Tooltip notifications not implemented with mobile in mind
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Flow's implementation of tooltips is not only different from desktop's watchlist notification but also broken on mobile (they cannot be read, being clipped off screen)

Mobile uses a toast module to deliver all notifications so this is a big inconsistency with the rest of the application.

Flow should be helping drive standardisation around this.
Take a look at
mw.notify( 'foo' ) in desktop
mw.mobileFrontend.require( 'toast' ).show( 'foo' )
in mobile.

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@Jdlrobson is "(they cannot be read, being clipped off screen)" still a problem?

Here are 2 screenshots of Mobilefrontend (taken with desktop Firefox):
the watchlist tooltip:

and the Anon-warning message:

(I've filed T89164: Flow in low width, terms of use message is squashed for the issue with the squashed "Terms of Use" message, seen in that 2nd screenshot)

The problem with this has always been consistency. Mobile uses a black toast bar at the bottom of the page for watchlist notifications. Placing two sources of notification imo is troublesome and confusing. Really this is something you should clarify with the UI standardisation / design team - it's bizarre having different behaviour on Flow to other pages.