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Flow: highlight the response in the notification more than newer notifications
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proposed highlight response specially from newer posts

When I click an Echo notification like

Topic name responded on Talk:Flow.
NN days ago

I'm taken to a URL like
The fragment makes the topic scroll to that specific response, and the fromnotif=1 makes Flow highlight this post and all posts newer than it.

This is a great feature, but it's hard to distinguish the specific response from the mass of newer posts. We should keep the permalink behavior of highlighting the response post specially. Compare the URL above with the Permalink URL:

If you add class 'flow-post-highlighted' to the specific post and only add class 'flow-post-highlight-newer' to the newer posts (which makes more semantic sense), you get the effect in the attached screenshot. I don't know if we should adjust this when bundling notifications.

Version: master
Severity: enhancement


2014-09-12_highlight_highlight-newer.png (517×602 px, 41 KB)



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We think that this is not a problem for the reply notification (since it's a roll-up notification, thus it's highlighting only desired posts anyway), but it is a problem for other types (e.g. mentions).

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