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Add convenience links for accessing the extension
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Author: gonosztopi

Patch to add 'merge' and 'delete' links to users

While using the extension I found it very frustrating that I had to manually type the usernames of to-be-deleted spammers. Or copy & paste, which still involved page switching back and forth.

The attached patch places 'merge' and 'delete' links to the user's contributions page and to the user tools link set, with the following restrictions:

  • links are only added if the current user has the 'usermerge' right
  • links are not added for non-mergeable users (i.e. current user, already deleted user and users in protected groups)
  • 'delete' link is only generated if $wgUserMergeEnableDelete is set to true

Following the generated links will only prefill the form fields in Special:Usermerge, so each action must still be confirmed by clicking the 'Merge' button.

Version: master
Severity: enhancement




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