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Gallery with packed mode does not update image height and width to be consistent after resize
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see ( reload the page at different browser widths to see images size inconsistant ways per page load, even when the syntax specifies the heights absolutely.

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Seeing six photos in the first row and five in the second, both rows having the same total width, this might simply be a feature?

<li class="gallerybox" style="width: 178.8333px;"></li> (first row)
<li class="gallerybox" style="width: 217.946px;"></li> (second row)

for my screen with 1440px width.

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doesn't *feel* like a feature, especially when you resize you browser and you see things lot line up.

Its a feature that the heights are adaptive (in the packed mode) to fill width of screen, and that different rows will have different heights in order that the rows "line-up".

In the particular page you have, I'll admit that it might look good for both rows to have same height, and have the last row centered. However the general case of having many rows, it usually looks better to have all rows with the same combined width, but varying the heights for each row.

It is a known shortcoming that the heights only re-adjust at the initial page load, and if you re-size your browser window after the page has loaded, everything goes to crap.

Note: That in the docs for this feature, it says that the heights parameter is only strictly interpreted for mode="traditional".

Would it be possible for the heights to be adjusted dynamically per row, rather than just during page load, this would resolve the issue with inconsistent heights in the same row.

Its possible, involves more than a couple line fix though. Would require someone to actually do it(tm), but definitely doable.

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I am not able to reproduce this issue, was it fixed? Or maybe as part of T55664: New-style packed gallery shows ragged edges after window resize?

When I resize the window the heights do get adjusted on the old design page.

Are there other ways to reproduce the issue?

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Unclear what the problem was, not reproducible.