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visit a page where read access is denied without login using lockdown, then login, see Bad Title
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Author: taraathan

I have installed MW 1.23.3 and Lockdown d08bcd8ab4ffaee3f4df4b4d62016a17796b0a83

I have a namespace that allows read access only to logged in users.
If I navigate to this page while not logged in, I see the appropriate message that I need to login. When I log in, I do not see the page I wanted, I get a Bad Title error message.

Workaround - clicking the back button a few times gets me to the page I wanted to see.

Version: REL1_23-branch
Severity: minor



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taraathan wrote:

On further testing, I see that this only happens when I use the login button in the top menu, not the login button within the page itself.

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