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VisualEditor: Pasting in image caption with a repeated reference causes VE to crash
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I found this bug while trying to swap the captions of two images, but it can be duplicated with just one image:

  1. Paste this into a page and save:

Example text<ref name=Ref1>Ref 1</ref>
[[File:Example.jpg|thumb|Example text.<ref name=Ref1/>]]

  1. Launch VE
  2. Click the image and open the Media settings dialogue
  3. Select all the caption text (Ctrl-A) and cut it out (Ctrl-X)
  4. Apply changes
  5. Reopen the Media settings dialogue
  6. Paste the caption text back in (Ctrl-V)
  7. Apply changes

VE will now hang on the Media settings dialogue. The dialogue will not complete and will not cancel. It is completely impossible to carry on editing, all the changes up to that point have to be discarded.

I am using FF32, Windows 7, Monobooks

Version: unspecified
Severity: major