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Special:ListRedirects: Special page listing redirect linking to a category of pages
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Special:ListRedirects is mostly unused/useful, it can show only EVERY redirect (AutoWikiBrowser and a wikidump can do it!!). Well, of course some works can be done on it, but -s ...

Can this special page evolve to allow listing every redirect liked to pages from a given category and all its subcategorys (category choosen by end-user of course in a text-box, and action with a button).

The purpose is to make a list to look at the "recent changes" for redirects.

This part of every wiki is really obscure. Sometimes there are are abuses and a lot of redirects could be deleted. A lot of edits are done and should/would be checked.

Uneasy to make a watchlist for redirects right now.

I thought about this special page to allow this feature, but if there is another way it's welcome.

I also thought about a wiki-template that can be added to a category page that show a "link" wich list on a page all redirects linking to the pages from the catégory and subcategorys (but I think it's also like creating a special page)

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not a bug, but a wish --> enhancement

yes an enhancement, or even more a request, or a dream ^^

I think this will be solved with T73236 (based on the description, since the actual title doesn't seem related to recent changes), so I'm merging this task with the other. Feel free to reopen if you're still interested in (a) Special page listing redirect linking to a category of pages