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Internal links should highlight pages included in the PDF
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An internal link referring to an article not in the collection for output to a PDF produces a link to the wiki article. The problem is that the PDF document reader does not always have access to the wiki. For such cases it should be possible to set an option that changes these references simply to the article names as such, e.g. using italic.

Currently, I don't see anything like that and I don't understand what's the expected behaviour.

  • In attachment 16584 (a collection) all internal links are stripped, i.e. all is black, even though they link to pages included in the collection.
  • In attachment 16586 (a single page) internal links are in brick-red.

Whatever system is chosen should be consistent

  • for all kinds of PDF export,
  • for all content namespaces (without preferences for namespace 0).

This bug is only about aspect and is independent from whether the links "internal to the PDF" are actually clickable/form a TOC, see bug 60293 for that.

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement
See Also:
T62293: Add bookmarks to PDF files indicating the starting point of each chapter



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Please don't move bugs to the OCG component if they involve mwlib output, at least not without updating them to indicate issues with OCG output.

Yes, sorry, wrong PDF: attachment 16589 is the correct one to compare.

For instance at p. 3, the link a) "Golfo del Tigullio Moscato" is of the same colour and everything as b) "vino moscato DOC", but (a) is a page included in the PDF while (b) is not. There should be some difference.

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