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Heading colons and red / blue links - selfreference detection
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Author: gangleri


Sorry for this!

[[:::{{FULLPAGENAME}}]] is still "selfrefering". However that link is shown as red.

In general: (today) [[:::foo]] is always shown red.

best regards reinhardt [[user:gangleri]]

Version: unspecified
Severity: major



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gangleri wrote:

changed the url to a mirror

generates a link
with a header
"Editing :::foo"
This is how it works. No complaints. No comments.

dbenbenn wrote:

Another note, if you try to save in

you get an edit conflict.

gangleri wrote:

This link is not "stable":

Please go to
and make more previews (with an empty content or whatever)

The *title* gets "shorter" and "shorter" ... and ends up at .

dbenbenn wrote:

Now this is really weird. After the above note, I tried the following edit link
(with 3 colons, instead of 2):

It worked, and I actually managed to create a page. See

The page is listed as a redirect in

Things are very bolloxed. Obviously the database is perfectly happy to store a
page starting with :, but the user interface gets deeply confused.

dbenbenn wrote:

So I moved [[CueCat]] to [[:CueCat]], by using ::CueCat as the destination in
Special:Movepage. It worked. But the result was that the page was lost (at
least, it was hard to find), and the admin move revert link _didn't work_! I
eventually managed to move the page back to CueCat, but it wasn't easy.

If I were Willy on Wheels, I'd be wetting the bed right now in glee. Imagine
the havoc he could cause by exploiting this flaw. Therefore, I'm pushing the
severity of this bug up to "major".

Such titles rejected as of r13960.