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Moving index should optionally re-align extant Page: s to new location.
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Recently at English Wikisource, I noted that some Index: pages had generic titles that were less clear than they could be.

The first stage in resolving this was to get the file renamed at commons , which is easy.

Next is to get the Index: page moved at English Wikisource. Again this is relativly straightforward.)

What is Not currently straightforward is the transfer of transcribed contents of associated Page: 's, which although it can be done manually is time consuming and error prone.

I would therefore like to request that the extension provide an option when moving an Index: page, that any associated Page:'s are also moved.

When moving Index:oldname.ext to Index:newname.ext there is an option for moving alls pages of the form Page:oldname.ext/n to be moved Page:newname.ext/n
automatically when the index page is moved.

I appreciate that this wouldn't resolve the issue of broken links and transcluded ranges, but if suitable redirects were left temporaily in place I don't see a major concern.)

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