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Frequently getting broken echo notifications: "was linked from [No page]"
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once or twice a week i get the echo notification

"Beta Features was linked from [No page]."

its not always the Beta Features page, but frequently is.

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I recall us fixing this some time ago. Not sure if the issue was exactly the thing we fixed, though.

I'll close this for now - please reopen should you still encounter the problem!

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reopening, I got one of these on monday

Oh, I got one today and was going to file a bug.

Note that this is by e-mail. These happen in the web UI too, but there it's understandable (the page was deleted after the notification was sent); but in e-mail, where we can check if the page exists before sending the notification, it's not.

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This was also reported by @MachoCarioca at
We confirmed the message had that format when I deleted a page where I mentioned the user earlier.

Checked the fix in betalabs - the current solution is to purge all echo notifications about linking if a page(s) was deleted.

  • E.g. if a user receives notification 'A link was made from ‪Mavetuna23‬ to ‪Mavetuna821‬.' And, then '‪Mavetuna23' is deleted, the notification will be removed.
  • if 'Mavetuna821' is deleted, the notification also will be removed.

@jmatazzoni please confirm that it's expected behavior.

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please confirm that it's expected behavior.

If one of the linked pages no longer exists, then there is no link. So deleting the message makes sense to me. Thanks for asking.

I'm reading @Etonkovidova's message to mean that that solution is currently working, so I'm Resolving this (if that solution is not yet in place or tested, let me know and we can reopen).