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Create a generic container object that stores HTML and ResourceLoader modules
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In TablePager::getBodyOutput(), a ParserOutput object is currently used because it is a container for HTML and ResourceLoader modules. But it also has a bunch of other methods which aren't appropriate to use here.

So I think we need a generic container object that has getters and setters for:

  • HTML text
  • addModuleStyles (CSS-only modules)
  • addModuleScripts (JS-only modules)
  • addModules (combined)
  • addModuleMessages

This should be easy to do, except I can't come up with a name for it.

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Hello I'm all new to MediaWiki development and FOSS projects. And I would like to try work on this bug as my first fix.

Note: I shared the same feeling back when I was trying to mess with T60478: Improve interface for MediaHandlers to add JavaScript