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HttpRequest: Failing under PHP 5.6 (CURLOPT_CLOSEPOLICY not defined)
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Constants CURLOPT_CLOSEPOLICY, CURLCLOSEPOLICY_LEAST_RECENTLY_USED and others are not defined as they were removed in PHP 5.6.0.

Tests should probably be updated to only test the ones relevant for the CurlHttpRequest class to function properly. If those include constants removed in PHP 5.6, then we should fix the code to use a different method in PHP 5.6.

See also:

Example of HttpRequest failing on PHP 5.6: (lines 305...342)

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gerritadmin wrote:

Change 162825 had a related patch set uploaded by Dan-nl:
Updated cURL constants array

gerritadmin wrote:

Change 162825 merged by jenkins-bot:
HttpTest: Update cURL constants array

Anything left to do here, or did the merged patch fix this bug report? (current master on PHP 5.6) no longer shows any CURL related errors.