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Globalization on login not rechecking ownership of homewiki leads to adding unowned accounts to the global account
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Another case with the root of bug 70468. The fix should be the same as we did for the web interface-- pass $checkHome = true to the merge function.

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Created attachment 16693

Patch made against 1.25wmf1, assumes that the patch for bug 70468 was also deployed. Cherry-picks cleanly against 1.25wmf2.


I think that fixes the issue. Let's deploy it.

Created attachment 16709
script to break up bad global accounts

Script that goes through the log files which I copied to terbium from fluorine, figures out if the user had a homewiki picked that was different from the current one, and then deletes the localuser/globaluser rows, and invalidates the CA cache, and local wiki caches.

Has a dry run mode, manually set the 'simulate' member variable to false to make it run.


My dry-runs indicate that 581 global accounts will be broken up, which includes 4309 local accounts.

Created attachment 16726
Patch after file reorg