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Missing text for interwiki link error message: "Error $1"
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Author: shogunat

A user reported this bug on the #wikipedia-en-help IRC channel: When trying to link a Hebrew article to an English article it's already linked to, the upcomming error message says, "Error $1". Screencap:

Possibly he tried to use the "add links" link that appears on articles without a Wikidata item twice in a row and the error occurred when using that link to add a Wikidata item to an article that already has one.

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Severity: normal
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The Screenshot as a PNG File

This is the screenshot as a PNG file. Note! The firefox persona contains two photos of a scantily clad woman so it may be not-safe-for-work (NSFW) - no nudity though.


Thanks for taking the time to report this!

How to exactly performing this linking?
Exact steps to reproduce are welcome.

shogunat wrote:

I haven't done it myself (and wouldn't want to do it since that would result in the creation of Wikidata items I can't get rid of again), but I assume the procedure was as follows:

  1. Find a Hebrew article without a Wikidata item and a foreign-language article you want to link it to.
  2. Open the Hebrew equivalent of the "Add links" link in the right sidebar of the Hebrew article *twice*.
  3. Use one of the pop-up windows to link the two articles via Wikidata.
  4. Use the second pop-up window and attempt to do the same again.

That should result in an error message because it attempts to create an already-existing Wikidata item, and I would assume that error message has a problem.

Trying to link a page twice results in a proper notification. That appears not to have caused the error.

However, scanning through the client modules, I indeed discovered a message that was not added as dependency in the corresponding ResourceLoader module. Having added the dependency should fix the problem of the missing message.

For the actual error, I am afraid the message would not be very helpful as it is a generic error message. If the error occurs again, the contents of the "details" section that may be unfolded in the tooltip bubble would be helpful. Feel free to file another bug report then.