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SGML comments within REF tags are mangled
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Author: peter

As I announced at
an SGML comment is rendered (in a badly mangled way) on screen when inserted
between REF and /REF. I provide a simplified example of this at

(This is my first ever bug report here; apologies if I'm filing it in the wrong way.)

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal
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wallykramer wrote:

Encountered this situation by using
(aka "Ref converter") where the citation note had the html comment <b>&lt;!--
expand note later --></b> in it. It appears the converter did the right--at
least expected--thing and moved the comment (along with the rest of the note)
into the &lt;ref> ... &lt/ref> citation. Upon expansion and resolution,
&lt;references /> has
"UNIQ5e18725c71ac5e7e-HTMLCommentStrip140f36514a165f5700000001" where the
comment was.

Improvements to extension stripping that I'm working on fix
this. Should be committed soon.