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Rephrase message "coll-book_creator_intro"
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I am unsure where to file this bug. Collection or OCG.

Currently the message "coll-book_creator_intro" says:

"With the ''book creator'' you can create a book containing wiki pages of your choice. You can export the book in different formats (for example PDF or ODF) or order a printed copy."

But OCG supports PDF only (for now) and the printed copy via PediaPress was shut down.

So the messages on Wikipedia are missleading. Should we change the default message or add an overwrite message in WikimediaMessages?

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Not a matter of tone, merely of message reuse and correctness. Probably the list of formats in this message should be injected by the wiki configuration. The message is still correct if one uses mwlib/PediaPress (as on most wikis), but OCG (on Wikimedia) has less formats.