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rename fallback-svg to fallback-image
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Author: physik

since it's now decided on client side if it's an svg or an png image
svg might be confusing if it's replaced by png

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That's what I initially try in patch 1 of, but I realized that PNG and SVG have slightly different style (for vertical alignment in inline mode and horizontal centering in display mode) so I was not 100% sure we could merge them.

As discussed on IRC, after the only difference will be in the vertical alignment which is done in MathMathML.php for the SVG.

For the PNG, we could add "vertical-align: center" in MathTexvc.php and in ext.math.js. Then the class name could be merged.

gerritadmin wrote:

Change 166280 had a related patch set uploaded by Frédéric Wang:
Rename fallback-svg and fallback-png to fallback-image

gerritadmin wrote:

Change 166280 merged by Physikerwelt:
Rename fallback-svg and fallback-png to fallback-image