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Warning text about missing author/source gets parsed as author/source name in Commons templates
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Commons has about 56.000 images in . The files use the information template, but the source field isn't set. This makes the information template output the message "This file is lacking source information.

Please edit this file's description and provide a source." The files don't seem to be added to , the media viewer just shows the no source message.

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I think this is the intended behavior, not a bug. The categories aim to identify files without a /machine-readable/ source. If the file has the appropriate {{information}} (or similar) template, then the source is machine-readable, regardless of whether or not it's actually present. The presence of a source and its machine-readability are different matters.

This is a problem with the template, as it does output machine-readable "source information", except it's not real information but a warning text. The [[c:COM:MRD]] markup should not be output when the text is autogenerated. (Compare with the permission field which does have such logic.)

Same for categorization as lacking author information.

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The template was fixed long ago.