Editing parameters of a multiref template within a reference is not recognised as a change to the reference
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I was trying to amend the contents of a {{multiref}} template in en.wp

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Paste this example into an article (or create it in VE)

<ref>{{multiref|Busch-Vishniac, pp. 19-20|Jackson, p. 17}}</ref>

  1. Open the ref in VE
  2. Open the template within the ref
  3. Make a change to the parameters such as change "pp. 19-20" to "p.18"
  4. Apply changes to the template dialogue (which will then go back to the ref dialogue)
  5. Apply changes to the ref dialogue

Actual Results:
The ref cannot be updated because the "apply changes" button remains greyed out.

Expected Results:
Apply changes should become live as soon as any template within the ref is edited.

Reproducible: Always

After trying a few other templates at random, this does not seem to be a general problem, but there may still be other templates affected. Also, the bug is not present if there is other text inside the ref tags besides the multiref template.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal


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This template is barely used anywhere any more (~30 articles?), was probably never used widely anyway, and I think it's actually working now anyway. Regardless, this isn't something that the team will work on.