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(Indic) Hindi and sanskrit letters rendered as squares in PDFs
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Author: sushant_savla

This is regarding the error which occurs while converting Gujarati wiki Source books in to PDF format.

Many a times bookes written in Gujarati Language contain quotes written in Hindi or sanskrit.

while converting, Text written in gujarati gets proeperly converted, but the words that are written in Hindi or sanskrit language appears as square Blocks.

Example : convert this book [[સભ્ય:Sushant savla/પુસ્તકો/બુદ્ધ અને મહાવીર]] in PDF, refer Page No. 12 pf the PDF converted version; there will be Square in place of Hindi / Sanskrit text.

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sushant_savla wrote:

I am not awareas to

sushant_savla wrote:

sample of PDF convrted file

Sample file, where hinidi and sanskrit fonts are not rendered.

Page 4 (last word in bracket)
Page 12


Thanks! Confirming.
Also for me, every chapter string before the number in the header, plus the footer page number on the table of content page are squares here.

sushant_savla wrote:

Yes, Same happens with me as well. I don't know what text could be there in front of Chapter number. checked book on english wiki source and found that it is word "Chapter" which can be translated in Gujarati as "પ્રકરણ"

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The hindi text should be surrounded by a <span lang="hi"> tag. This will switch the font (and select the proper language-dependent hyphenation/etc rules).

As a workaround, a future version of OCG will try "harder" to automatically recognize language switches when language attributes are not present (T106277). But that will never work as well as manually labelling the correct language of the text.

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as Sanskrit Wikipedian can I help here?

@NehalDaveND: There is an idea to move away from OfflineContentGenerator to Electron. You could test Hindi and Sanskrit letters on and then create a PDF via . If there are problems, report them under (as this task T74005 is about OCG and not Electron). Thanks!

As already announced in Tech News, OfflineContentGenerator (OCG) will not be used anymore after October 1st, 2017 on Wikimedia sites. OCG will be replaced by Electron. You can read more on