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RSS feed for Special:Newpages spits out "undefined variable"
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Author: bram

Upon checking the RSS feed for the Special:Newpages page, I found that the file SpecialNewPages.php contains an
error at line 95 (as is indicated in the RSS feed's erroneous content).

The line reads
return '<p>' . htmlspecialchars( wfMsg( 'summary' ) ) . ': ' . $text . "</p>\n<hr />\n<div>" .

the variable $text is undefined. My guess is that this should be the value from the rev_comment column in the
revision table. That lead me to change the line to:

return '<p>' . htmlspecialchars( wfMsg( 'summary' ) ) . ': ' . $revision->getComment() . "</p>\n<hr />\n<div>" .

Is this a correct guess, or should another value from $revision be taken?

Version: 1.5.x
Severity: normal



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Fixed in r13614 on trunk, and on REL1_6.