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Provide action=help entry point for all modules of an extension/group
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The new way to display help will greatly simplify and prettify documentation such as

I would be even happier if and similar could be replaced by some concise alternative.

We do have $ ack "ingroup API TranslateAPI"
14: * @ingroup API TranslateAPI
etc., but I doubt that helps anything. It would be nice if the groups could be exposed in more ways.

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Yeah, we'd need some functionality in the API to set a group for a module.

The @ingroup docs isn't available to the code in anyway

Shouldn't be too difficult though I don't think....

Not too difficult, but it's also likely to be somewhat poorly performing since it would require recursing through all modules and filtering by this group field.

We've long cached the old API help page for this sort of reason, and the new help page is cached too in the commonly-hit case with recursivesubmodules. We'll have to consider whether the hits to this would be uncommon enough that the performance hit wouldn't be prohibitive, or often enough that it would be worth the potentially-large number of cache entries.

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