VisualEditor: Link inspector inside dialog is clipped against dialog boundary, which makes it too small
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buggy link dialog

Links don't correctly autocomplete when adding them from the references dialog and not the main editor (see screenshot; Chrome, en.wp today).

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The links are autocompleting just fine, it's just that the dropdown is so small that you only see one suggestion, and the rest can be accessed by scrolling (notice the scrollbar).

What we should really be doing though, is not clip the link inspector against the boundaries of the dialog it's in, but allow it to go beyond those boundaries. That's a bit fiddly but probably not very hard.

I need to pick Trevor's brain about this. Right now the WindowManager for inspectors is in the localOverlay, which is a sibling of the ce-surface (and so is inside the iframe). It would be interesting to explore putting this in the globalOverlay, but then that would be nasty for scrollable surfaces (or even surfaces embedded in a scrollable container; like, for example, an iframe) where the anchor moves as you scroll: in a globalOverlay situation, we'd have to manually reposition the inspector to account for scrolling, but with the localOverlay as it is we get this for free.

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Is this still relevant?

Is this still relevant?

The link dialogue is still contained inside the basic reference form, so this is still a valid report. I don't expect a great many people use the basic reference form, so I think the priority here can stay as it is.

This is still an issue, with the minor difference that the inspector is not clipped, but rather forces the dialog to have a scrollbar:

It should look like this: (mockup)