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Please set the "title" property for the image on an image description page
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Author: dbenbenn

I noticed today that Google now indexes image description pages (see
Unfortunately, Google Images still doesn't find anything useful (see
I suspect the problem might be that on image description pages, the actual
<img> tag has no useful attributes. Perhaps if the "title" attribute is set to
the image's title, that will encourage better search engine indexing.

Version: 1.6.x
Severity: normal



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With r25335 Tim set the title attribute for the <a> tag to the imagename, when a caption was not given by the user. Should we do this for the image description page too?

At the moment the rendered HTML looks like:

<a href="/wikitest/images/d/d3/imagename.jpg">
<img alt="Image:Imagename.jpg" src="/wikitest/images/thumb/d/d3/Imagename.jpg/1024px-Imagename.jpg" border="0" height="223" width="1024">

It seems that both Bing and Google find plenty of relevant image results now. I don't think this bug is still an issue. We might consider closing it ?