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www.* has a bad certificate
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Sites such as and redirect to their non-www equivalents (, However, when accessing these www. sites over HTTPS there is a host mismatch, as wildcard certificates are not valid for multiple levels of subdomain. As such, visiting throws an invalid certificate error.

Version: wmf-deployment
Severity: normal



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Why are you visitng these domains?

There isn't any nice way of fixing this, as WMF isn't going to waste money on buying sub-subdomain SSL certs...

(In reply to Sam Reed (reedy) from comment #1)

Why are you visiting these domains?

As I understand it, there's a reason that and similar URLs were created: it's convention and standard practice for this type of domain format to function properly. There are older Bugzilla bugs about this, I believe.

(In reply to MZMcBride from comment #2)

There are older Bugzilla bugs about this, I believe.

Specifically bug 1698.