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Missing page revisions on enwiki
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I noticed the top revisions for at least several pages on enwiki do not exist in the revision table, after my bot started freaking out. For example:

MariaDB [enwiki_p]> SELECT page_title, page_namespace, page_latest FROM page WHERE page_id = 43895206;




1 row in set (0.00 sec)

MariaDB [enwiki_p]> SELECT * FROM revision WHERE rev_id = 626463325;
Empty set (0.00 sec)

Looking further, it seems that there are nearly 12,000 pages with this problem:

MariaDB [enwiki_p]> SELECT COUNT(*) FROM page LEFT OUTER JOIN revision ON page_latest = rev_id WHERE rev_id IS NULL;




1 row in set (5 min 52.01 sec)

This is not a replication lag issue; the lag is zero.

I am not clear if this is related to bug 71084 or bug 70711.

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Severity: major
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Sync in progress. Cause is not yet confirmed, with a possibility.

Very interested to hear if anyone observes this with recent (<1week) data.

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Is this still happening? @Earwig?

Interesting. It seems like the problem has been resolved, although 16 pages still result from the above query. However, that looks like accurate replication of a corrupted database rather than the other way around, so I'm deferring to T92046.