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Add pt:Wikipedia:CheckUser/* to robots.txt
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Author: algumacoisaqq

Well, what happened was that google is indexing the page
at his search engine. This particular discussion page has placed an single entry
about the discussion for deleting the article about a journalist in the first
page found by google. The refered journalist has been complaining for quite some
time, and the page for AfD was added to the robot.txt file, but this one (the
checkuser) is continuing to generate the hits from google. This is unlikely but
possible to happen in the future, and the journalist in question is complaining
about it. So, if possible, please add this page into the robot.txt file, this
should stop it. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.

If needed, the particular google response in question was

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algumacoisaqq wrote:

Well, it seems that it wasn't that page the trouble maker, sorry. I believe the
problem is solved, tought google still is indexing the discussion page. There is
another bugzilla entry for this tought

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