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"ulsfo <-> eqiad" network issue on 2014-10-21 affecting udp2log streams
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Ops reported [1] a network issue between ulsfo and eqiad (According to
IRC logs [2], alerts started around 2014-10-21 ~10:30).

We did not see alerts on the udp2log pipeline.
However, we saw alerts on the tighter monitoring the kafka pipeline.

Did the issue affect the udp2log pipeline too?


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Severity: normal



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The upd2log pipeline shows the first sporadic ulsfo drop-outs on
2014-10-21T10:58 and continued to show ulsfo drop-outs until ulsfo got
depooled on 2014-10-21T11:43

Per host packet loss computation for the affected hour does not give a
meaningful result due to the ulsfo depooling bringing down message
volume from ulsfo too much.

(In reply to christian from comment #0)

We did not see alerts on the udp2log pipeline.

That's wrong.
There have been alerts [1]:

[11:54:29] <icinga-wm>         PROBLEM - Packetloss_Average on erbium is CRITICAL: packet_loss_average CRITICAL: 9.11388505882
[12:02:12] <icinga-wm>         PROBLEM - Packetloss_Average on analytics1026 is CRITICAL: packet_loss_average CRITICAL: 23.0722363964
[12:06:06] <icinga-wm>         RECOVERY - Packetloss_Average on erbium is OK: packet_loss_average OKAY: 0.0
[12:21:25] <icinga-wm>         RECOVERY - Packetloss_Average on analytics1026 is OK: packet_loss_average OKAY: 2.49366398305
[12:27:01] <icinga-wm>         RECOVERY - Packetloss_Average on oxygen is OK: packet_loss_average OKAY: 1.85878847458