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Use the local namespace for files, instead of the English default
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If you add a file in VisualEditor, then it sometimes adds the file using the English namespace or other English terms. Examples: – "File" is not a Catalan word – "File" is not a Spanish word – German uses "mini" instead of "thumb" – "File" is not a Romanian word – or Russian – or Swedish – or Polish – or Italian

In other cases, it did use the local name, including French, Hungarian, and Estonian. I'm not sure what the common thread is. It's possible that some of these communities deliberately choose to use the English namespace, but at least a few change such edits. If we can use the local name more often, then we should be able to reduce the burden on local communities.

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Thought this was already filed with Parsoid, but I can't find it. Please merge if I've missed it!

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