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XML history import to be enabled in
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A new ripuarian wikipedia has been set up on 3-24-2006, language code is KSH.

There is a test wikipedia at [],
the 3200+ Articles and several 100 Pages in other name spaces are to be transferred,
including their edit history.

This can be done by XML Export, a simple filter adjusting user data to the target,
and XML Import.led.

Unfortunately, says, that XML Import was disabled.
We suggest to enable it - at least for a time of the data transfer.

[ Purodha Blissenbach], sysop @ ksh Wikipedia,
[ Talk]

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Severity: blocker



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mvdRoehe wrote:

Is there a chance to have this done any time soon?
Being unable to import completely blocks the ksh.wikipdia at the moment.

If you won't provide us with the data file, and you won't put forward a user
who should have import privileges assigned, nothing's going to happen. :)

mvdRoehe wrote:

Import privileges should go to all sysops. Currently, there is only one, see http://

Which data file?
The data to be imported? Thousands of records, see raw exported data of test wiki at
Too much to be uploaded here, would it not be?

(Data files commented
96mpocht/1._%C3%84xpocht_L%C4%97%C3%9F%C3%9F and Community Portal)

Set for user 'Purodha'. Let us know when import is complete or if
you have any problems.

Indeed a problem showed up, see
It seems not to be a big hindrance at the moment.