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Native player shows for (at least) audio files, then styling jumps
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From IRC, I'm getting a report that, on the Commons main page, an audio file shows the native browser player, then after a split second, changes the style ungracefully to our player. It might be aesthetically better to hide the player until the styles have loaded for our player...

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Probably should wrap hiding-styles in a '.nojs' block so native <audio>/<video> still comes through if JS is off, too.

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We cannot really avoid this very well (definitely not now that we have async).

  • You can hide the entire player with CSS, but then you have empty areas in the page, while the page loads. Not really pretty. It also hides the poster, which is just sad.
  • We can remove the native controls from the HTML, but this breaks fallback playing for ppl with JS disabled.
  • We can remove the native controls with CSS, but FF for instance doesn't have pseudo elements for the native controls