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HHVM: not respecting time zone
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User:Dalka reports:
In Russia TZ were changed yesterday. Now if using HHVM, I see incorrectly converted times :( For example: Moscow should be +3:00, but I see +4:00.


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(It should be noted that the Time offset in Preferences should probably be fixed anyway, since it says +4? )

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HHVM imports Derick Rethans' timelib from PHP into third-party/timelib, which includes its own bundled timezone DB. This is obviously inconvenient when countries such as Russia announce timezone changes a short time before they take effect. The Debian PHP package has a ~650 line patch to cause PHP to use the system tzdata instead. HHVM apparently has no equivalent.

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I have rebuilt our HHVM package adding Tim's patch, and I am installing it on beta now. It should fix this.

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This should be now solved.

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