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VisualEditor: Deleting from a paragraph-terminating node to a paragraph-terminating node (?) is throwing "Unbalanced set of replace operations found"
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  1. go to
  2. highlight all texts from the end of "This is just a test.[1]" to end of "Visuaalinen muokkain.[2]" and press backspace button or delete or whatever and nothing happens - VE just gets stuck.
  3. you can't save the page nor switch to wikitext editor even if you have made changes to the page.

If you highlight text from "This is just a test.[1]" to "This is not." it's working as it should. So probably the problem is with the references.

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Confirmed in test2 and on

On the page - there are many Uncaught Error: offset 39 is out of bounds etc.

In test2: type four lines of text on four separate lines.

  • Add reference to the end of the first line
  • add another reference to the end of the second line
  • leave the third line as it is
  • re-use the first reference and add it to the end of the fourth line

Start highlighting the text and try to delete it with 'Delete' button.
FF displays:
Error: Unbalanced set of replace operations found load.php:316
TypeError: currentNode.children[(nao.offset - 1)] is undefined load.php:479
Error: Unbalanced input passed to document.

After several attempts of highlighting and deleting - the page becomes unresponsive - I can place cursor but cannot move it with arrow or Enter buttons; cannot Save, cannot switch to Read mode(TypeError: data[i] is undefined).

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