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VisualEditor: Provide a way to move pages through interacting with the displayed title
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An often encountered hurdle for new editors is that they can't find out how to move a page. Generally they ask how to "change the title". Apparently - and understandably - in their mental model, the title of a page is part of the page. It would be nice if VE could accommodate that model. For that I suggest

  • Make the page title editable
  • If the new page title is a valid title, move the page to that location
    • If the move fails, notify of the failure to automatically change the title, and link to the documentation of the move functionality, suggesting to do it manually.
  • If the new page title isn't a valid title, insert a {{DISPLAYTITLE}} element to the page.

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Severity: enhancement



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Hmm. I like this idea. Could get a bit complicated where "sometimes" it is moving the page, and "sometimes" it's setting the {{DISPLAYTITLE}}, and it's not clear which is which.

Also, moving mid-edit might be complicated on the back-end? MW relies on the title of a page /way/ too much. Something to watch for when we implement.

Deskana lowered the priority of this task from Normal to Lowest.May 3 2018, 8:24 AM

This is a perennial request from inexperienced editors. See, e.g.,