VisualEditor: No indication in the toolbar what text styles are active because they're in a menu
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Screenshot show my cursor within a string of bold text. However the toolbar menu button doesn't change to indicate that text-formatting is currently active.

This is particularly a problem if I place my cursor at the *end* of a string of bold/formatted text, as I cannot know at-a-glance, whether the text I'm about to type will come out formatted in some way.

In many other programs/sites (eg. gmail, gdoc), there is always an onscreen indicator (usually the button appears "pressed"), which helps me understand whether text-formatting is active or not.

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The button also appears pressed in VisualEditor, it's just that it's pushed down to a sub-menu so it's not obvious. This is the same as e.g. Google Mail's editing interface, but it can be a bit perplexing, yes.