link in API help for uselang "list of codes" doesn't show list of codes
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The new awesome HTML API output displays:

uselang ... A list of codes may be fetched from action=query&meta=siteinfo&siprop=languages

The displayed query string is correct -- would work. But the link in the HTML here is to <a href="/w/api.php?action=help&amp;modules=query%2Bsiteinfo">, which doesn't work, it instead generates help for meta=siteinfo.

Should be an easy fix to includes/api/ApiHelp.php , patch coming...

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It's actually in includes/api/i18n/en.json:

apihelp-main-param-uselang": "Language to use for message translations. A list of codes may be fetched from [[Special:ApiHelp/query+siteinfo|action=query&meta=siteinfo&siprop=languages]]

so it's intentionally linking to more help (ApiHelp.php does a "Replace Special:ApiHelp links with links to api.php"), rather than executing the displayed API query as I expected. The latter seems more useful.