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MWTidy: Old versions of Tidy break flow content out of <caption> and <table>
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Steps to reproduce

1.Insert a table
2.Insert a caption "text2"
3.Make the caption a bullet point to create a slug above it
4.Now add some other text in that slug "text1"
5.Save the page

Observed Result:
The order of "text1" and "text2" gets reversed.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal




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video capture

Still reproducible, see the video capture


Still works on my local machine.

The wikitext produced is:



  • Bar



which looks problematic but locally renders fine as

<table><caption>Foo<ul><li>bar... but on production and betalabs renders as <ul><li>bar</li></ul><table><caption>Foo...

Apparently this is a bug with HTMLTidy.

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Re-tested and confirmed that this still happens (unsurprisingly).

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As mentioned in T76100, this was fixed in 2015, in tidy-html5.

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This looks like it is fixed either in VisualEditor in some way or due to Remex. I followed the steps in the video as best as possible with the current VE design and the text appeared in the expected locations.