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Title::isValidMoveOperation() no longer respects $auth parameter
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Running our integration test [0] against master before the "Fully replace Title::moveTo() with MovePage" [1] merge does return a null revision for a moved page (using "WikiPage::factory( $oldTitle )->getRevision()for verification) but after the merge the old title still has a revision.

This breaks our integration tests for MW 1.25 after [1] while tests before that and those on MW 1.24/MW 1.23/MW 1.21 do work as specified and expected.

[0] SMW\Tests\Integration\MediaWiki\Hooks\TitleMoveCompleteIntegrationTest::testPageMoveWithCreationOfRedirectTarget

Failed asserting that null is not null.


Version: 1.25-git
Severity: normal

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This is because Title::isValidMoveOperation() no longer checks the value of the $auth parameter, so the test is probably returning an error with permission failures. I submitted to make this easier to detect in the future.

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Change 188847 had a related patch set uploaded (by Legoktm):
Check $auth parameter in Title::isValidMoveOperation()


Change 188847 merged by jenkins-bot:
Check $auth parameter in Title::isValidMoveOperation()