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Need option to switch off "Thanks" on mobile web
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Given the slow progress on "Bug 61737 - Thank notification on mobile doesn't ask for confirmation: accident-prone" and "Bug 69636 - Thanks: Implement an undo feature", please now provide an option to switch off the Thanks facility within Mobile.

It makes editing just too stressful when I have to constantly beware that my right index finger is hovering near that large green "Thank" button, because I've just scrolled down using that finger, or because the "back" button on my phone is millimetres away. A lapse in concentration, a fat finger incident, and I've sent a confusing and misleading message to the editor whose change I've been looking at. And there's no going back: no confirmation stage, no reversal.

I don't understand the logic: when I thank someone on desktop, having carefully clicked on a precise little link, I get asked to confirm (which is no bother, just another quick click), but this stage isn't considered necessary when I've touched a large button occupying a high proportion of my small touchscreen.

So, until there's a better solution, please provide an option to switch off Thanks entirely on mobile.

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bingle-admin wrote:

Prioritization and scheduling of this bug is tracked on Trello card

I don't think this is justification for turning off the feature. The good far outweighs the few accidental taps I'm sure.

PamD added a comment.Dec 9 2014, 8:17 AM

Please reconsider your rejection of my request.

The stress of having a large green button, which I know will cause an irreversible embarrassing accidental thanks message, so near to my phone's back button, and so near to my scrolling finger, is a real problem when I'm looking at changes on my watchlist on mobile. It takes up a huge proportion of my screen. When I'm looking on the desktop version the "thank" link is tiny, but even after accurately finding this precise link I'm allowed to confirm. If you won't provide a confirmation stage on mobile, please provide me with the facility to just switch it off.

The last day or two, when the button has disappeared, has been wonderful.

There is an open task to provide an undo feature. It just lacks a developer to implement it as it is not a top priority.

Use your user CSS if you desperately want to hide it.

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See T71636: Thanks: Implement an undo feature for undo feature, declining this for now. While accidentally sending thanks for actions that you didn't mean to could be somewhat confusing, the benefit of Thanks being present and visible in the system has a clear benefit for most users.

@Jdlrobson can you include the actual class or ID of Thanks button so user who want to hide it can do so.

.mw-mf-action-button { display: none; } should do it but haven't tested.

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