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VisualEditor: Save page dialog's edit summary text box is black in Internet Explorer 11
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Edit summary textbox is black

Steps to reproduce:

In IE 11 perform some editing in VE and click Save page.

Observe: 'Edit summary' text box is displayed black. When clicked in it - it becomes white.

The screenshot is attached.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal


Save_dialog_black_background.png (768×1 px, 239 KB)



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So I can't reproduce this in IE11 but I assume that's because we auto-focus that text box now? What shall we do about this task?

Is it black if we don't focus? If so, what other dialogs are affected by this IE bug?

Well you said:

When clicked in it - it becomes white.

So I assume you focusing it was just hiding the problem, and we now do it automatically.

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Can't reproduce even if I display input.focus() (which has always worked, I think).

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