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Wiki syntax visible on Spezial:Userlogout
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Author: administrator

On the page shown after signing out (Spezial:Userlogout = MediaWiki:Logouttext),
the wiki syntax is visible.

Version: 1.8.x
Severity: minor



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gangleri wrote:


It was not difficult to "guess" the url.

The text when logging out from your wiki displays as:

Sie sind nun abgemeldet. Sie können das ZRHwiki jetzt
[[ZRHwiki:Datenschutz|«anonym»]] weiterbenutzen oder sich mit dem gleichen oder
einem anderen Benutzernamen [[Spezial:Userlogin|wieder anmelden]].

Zurück zu «Spezial:Userlogin».

Please compare with:

Made a test at [[wikt:yi:MediaWiki:Logouttext]]:
should work.

Please note that 'MediaWiki:Logouttext' has a very strange behaviour:
neither [[foo]] nor [url title] nor url will render
however {{SERVER}} and {{SITENAME}} renders fine.

Good luck! Best regards reinhardt [[user:gangleri]]

gangleri wrote:

from IRC: Niklas enabeled wiki syntax on 'MediaWiki:Logouttext'

Thanks a lot!

administrator wrote:

Reinhardt and Niklas, thanks a lot for your support!

administrator wrote:

Unfortunately, the bug has reapperead after upgrading to MediaWiki 1.6.5. Can
you please fix it again?

It was never fixed in the 1.6-series.

plasmeier180 wrote:

Fixed in 1.6.6

I sort-of liked this bug. I could easily put a Google ad in when someone logged

wikimedia wrote:

Appears as well in 1.8.2.
i.e. standardmessages inclduing [[{{ns:special}}:...]] don't show up properly.

Suggestion for bug fix:
In file includes/Namespace.php is a wrong entry in the
$wgCanonicalNamespaceNames array.

Current line 13:
NS_SPECIAL => 'Spezial',

Fixed line 13:
NS_SPECIAL => 'Special',

Re-resolving. Comment 8 doesn't appear to have any relation to this? Open a new
bug if there is a bug.