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Add --no-autoloader_layout-check to operations-puppet-puppetlint-lenient
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in jenkins job/operations-puppet-puppetlint-lenient is it possible to add to puppet-lint:

--no-autoloader_layout-check and skip this one check

but only if file is under ./manifests/role/ and still let it run if it is under ./modules/ ?

reason is that in role class we will never be in autoload layout and always fail with a lot of "not in autoload module layout (autoloader_layout)" while the check DOES make sense for anything in actual module structure under ./modules/




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In the operations/puppet.git repository, you should be able to pass the options to puppet-lint by adding them in /.puppet-lint.rc

There is only one there:

$ cat .puppet-lint.rc 

We can not set the parameters on different path, though we could have two different puppet-lint run.

Would it make sense to migrate role class to autloading layout as well?

also see T1289 . it might be a duplicate. i don't think T1289 should be resolved as originally requested though. let's not remove the entire check please.

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This is up to SRE to adjust the /.puppet-lint.rc file in operations/puppet.git.

The lint check is currently disabled in /.puppet-lint.rc

I don't think it can be ignored for a specific file hierarchy. So one would need to reenable it then add ignore rules in the files. Something like:

# lint:ignore:single_quote_string_with_variables
# lint:endignore

An example is:,unified

It is up to SRE / puppet volunteers to figure it out and propose a patchset. CI just runs puppet-lint :-]

That is done in the repository puppet-lint configuration file:


When i wrote this task i assumed we'd never have the role classes in autoload layout, but now we do, since manifests/role/ moved to modules/role/manifests/.

..but we still can't remove this exception mostly because mariadb, openstack/nova and eventlogging have multiple classes in a single file and would have to be split up properly.

which i tried for example here but there was resistance to doing that (

Yeah I noticed that. Then T119042 was to migrate everything out of manifests/role so I guess it is now easy to make all the modules to respect the autoloader layout. That would be T93645

There is only 51 warnings right now:

$ bundle exec rake puppetlint|wc -l

lot related to modules/role/manifests/mariadb.pp which IIRC is going to be removed.

Yes, but my last comment was about how it's unfortunately not easy even though that migration out of manifests/role happened, i could not get those things merged.

Yes, that is exactly what i said, pretty much all of that depends on mariadb, the other 2 are openstack and eventlogging. i once had patches for all of them...

I can refactor the eventlogging stuff if you need

Thanks Ottomata, that would be great.