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PNG fails to render with lexing error for some input containing Malayalam
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Input fails to render with a lexing error

The given example fails to render in PNG mode with a lexing error (can someone put this in plaintext in the bug report, so it's easier to reproduce?)

Extracted out of T50032. Screenshot by praveenp.

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This is enough to see the bug:


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The example in comment 1 gives the error "Failed to parse (lexing error): ക"

This example:


gives a different message: "Failed to parse (PNG conversion failed; check for correct installation of latex and dvipng (or dvips + gs + convert)): {\text{ക}}"

This bug is not limited to Malayalam only.

Examples: Tamil: <math>\text{ப}</math>, Hindi: <math>\text{ग}</math>

This particular bug report is limited to Malayalam. Those are not just different languages, but also different alphabets, meaning a fix for this bug (e.g. a new font) will not necessarily fix those.

So if you want to track those other alphabets, please file separate reports.

I don't think it's a font issue, I think it's a TeX validation issue.

Does this bug occur with Mathoid enabled?

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the rendering of Malayalam is still not very good, but there is no error anymore, since the png is created from the svg images now