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Indicators in print are not styled and vertically stacked at the top left of the page
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In print, indicators are all stacked vertically in the top left, which is a bit ugly. It would be nicer if they were at least horizontally layed out and possible at the top right. This requires the styles for these elements to be included in both print and screen modes, which currently seem to be 'screen' only.

Version: 1.25-git
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I don't understand this report, sorry. Is there a problem with default styles? Is there a problem with your own styles not working as expected?

It is a problem with the default styles which are not working for print.

I used Seamonkey/Firefox for test. Yesterday we introduced indicators at Wikivoyage/de as you can see it on screen for instance at in the upper right corner consisting of three items (two icons and a coordinate).

There are two default css lines for this behavior:

.mw-body .mw-indicators{float:right;line-height:1.6;font-size:0.875em;position:relative;z-index:1}

.mw-body .mw-indicator{display:-moz-inline-block;display:inline-block;zoom:1;*display:inline}

But these rules are not working if you print the article (or use print preview or print version in the side bar). In the print, all three items are on the left side once below the other. Therefore I introduced workaround styles in Mediawiki:Common.css like:

.mw-indicators { /* Workaround for bug 73297 */
.mw-indicator { /* Workaround for bug 73297 */

And now it works. These are the same rules but without mw-body ie without descendant combinators.

You should also think about rtl writing fpr Hebrew and Arabic sites

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This was fixed in the vector print styles fixes in 2017'ish.